Swaff Studios

Contacting Me ::
If you are interested in hiring me out to work with you on a project, please feel free to contact me via snail mail, email, or by telephone. I would love to hear what your ideas are and help you bring them into reality.

Pricing ::
Each project poses unique circumstances that keep me from having a designated price list. Some projects work out better with a flat fee stated up front while others may require an hourly wage to determine the full price. On larger projects with a flat fee, I will require half the money up front, before the project is started. For hourly pricing, funds will be collected as the project progresses, or the work will not be advanced. No final work for projects is handed over until the full cost has been paid. If you have any questions, please contact me with your concerns.


Brandon Swafford

Atlanta, GA (metro)

6 years

Georgia Institute of Technology


Industrial Design
- - ::Concept Generation
- - ::Product Development
- -
::Idea Sketching
- - ::3d Rendering
- - ::Model/Prototype Making
- - ::Concept Presentations

Graphic Design
- - ::Logo Creation
- - ::Page/Brochure Layout
- - ::T-Shirt Graphics
- - ::Screen Printing
- - ::Brand Development
- - ::Print Advertisements

Sound Design
- - ::Sound Engineering
- - ::Studio Recording
- - ::Music Production
- - ::Music Mixing
- - ::Music Mastering

Web Development
- - ::Website Creation
- - ::Web Graphics
- - ::Domain/Server Setup
- - ::E-Commerce
- - ::Flash Animation

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