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What is Graphic Design? ::
Graphic design is sweet. That's what it is. Everywhere you go, you see graphic design. Whether it be the shirt you're wearing or the billboard you're reading, graphic design is all around. One of the most important factors affecting your sales involves it; how your product looks. Swaff Studios has extensive experience in graphic design and we can make you and your services look good. When a customer has to choose between you or your competitor, you better look good. I can make that happen.

Logo Creation ::
Your business needs a great logo for people to remember. Several things come into play when creating a logo, such as color, simplicity, recognizability, and uniqueness. These are just a few of the things that can make or break your logo.

Page/Brochure Layout ::
What good is your latest product or idea without getting it out there for consumers to see? How things are laid out on a page/brochure is not something to leave to the local number cruncher in the cubicle a few feet away. A lot goes into placement, color, attention factor, and professionalism. Don't lose sales because you skimped and let your buddy throw something together in Photoshop, or worse yet, paint!

T-Shirt Graphics ::
I've done graphics specifically for T-Shirts for over 5 years. Screen printing involves limitations when it comes to design, simply because the processes needed to transfer a logo to a shirt, etc is not the most user-friendly. I can work with you on your existing desings or create new ones to make sure your shirts shine.

Screen Printing ::
In addition to doing the graphics for T-Shirts, I can also handle the printing, allowing for a turn-key solution that will be easy on you. I can print on shirts, hats, tote bags, book bags, pants, jerseys, and just about any apparel product. With the most competitive prices around, and top-notch design, you can't go wrong.

Brand Development::
Starting up a new business or marketing plan? I can work with you from the ground up on getting a logo, making a strategy, and marketing your business or service to get your endeavor off the ground. I've worked with several people to get their small businesses going, from setting up their website to pumping out advertising and marketing tools to bring in business.

Print Media ::
Across the board possibilities, offerings include the design of brochures, advertisements, stickers, posters, booklets, and more.

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